Liturgical Catechists

Ruby Krajick

1st to 3rd grade

Ruby teaches confirmation candidates and is a liturgical catechist for 1st to 3rd-grade students. She has been teaching in the Family Faith Program for two years now. The regional specialist of religious education programs in New York recommended her to DRE Luz Marina Díaz. Last year, Ruby instructed the sixth-grade students, and their parents requested her to continue instructing their children as they prepare to receive the sacrament of confirmation in 2024. This is her first year as a liturgical catechist. She is a clerk of Court in the 

Joy Farina Foskett

Annariza Fajardo

4th to 6th grade

This is my third year as a member of the Family Faith community, and my first as a catechist with CLOW. I am really looking forward to spending this special time with your children.

I am a Human Resources professional, currently working with the New York Times. I grew up in Chicago and currently live in the neighborhood with my husband Jason, and our 3 children (Lucy – 8, Max – 6, and Mateo – 3).

Annariza Fajardo