Family Faith Program

We are a Catholic religious education program at the Church of St. Francis Xavier for pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade students. The program includes sacramental preparation, children’s sessions, adult sessions, Family Mass, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, Mass Class, community services, altar service training, Family Faith Choir, and Family Faith Liturgical Dance.

Our Mission

Religious Education is concerned with structuring an environment in such a way that people become intimately linked to the experience, wisdom, and tacit knowledge with others for the purpose of future religious development. The Religious Education curriculum in the church is the congregation gathering in community, worship, teaching, proclamation, and service. Its goal is the faith formation and the teaching on how to live religiously by means of spiritual practices rooted in our Christian tradition.

What is Religious Education?

Religious education is composed of two contrasting processes: 1) to teach people the precepts, traditions and stories of a particular religion and 2) to teach people to live religiously according to a particular ideal or tradition. The elements of religious education are liturgy, catechetical sessions, community services and social activities.